Oncology Programs


The development of oncology illnesses as a discipline during the past decade, is largely due to the advances that have been made in the knowledge and diagnosis of oncological diseases, from the complex mechanisms of carcinogenesis, advances in biology and various therapeutic developments as well as to new drugs and therapeutic strategies.

The medical centers that MEDI TOUR deals with, possess an experienced service of clinical oncology endowed with the most modern technologies for the precaucious diagnosis of the malignant illnesses.

The medical centers in Lebanon and the International Health Center in Havana, Cuba “La Pradera” holds an experienced service of clinical oncology endowed with the most modern technologies for the precautious diagnosis of the malignant illnesses.

MEDI TOUR and with the prestigious medical service providers, takes serious measures and intensive care to patients with monoclonal antibodies, and offers therapeutic programs in all oncology illnesses using modern immunologic treatments for guaranteed results.

When a patient is approached for such treatment, MEDI TOUR is very delicate and keen on providing a smooth, motivational medical process from the moment of patient departure, until he is fully recovered.

The development of natural products that offer a better quality of life, is being distinguished among the therapeutic lines that the services offer. The making up of personalized programs for patients without healing therapeutic possibilities, makes of the terminal patient’s care a possibility of attention. The cancer treatment requires at present, the cooperative effort of multiple specialists.

Did You Know?

There are several types of drug therapy for cancer: immunotherapy, conventional chemotherapy, targeted or biologic therapies, radiotherapy, and hormone therapies.