Why Meditour?

The medical tourism industry is a growing sector and it is becoming a worldwide trend. Several countries have tremendous achievements in this industry which is increasing their GDP.

MEDI TOUR holds solid advantages when it comes to medical
tourism services.


Cost of Medical Services

All of our medical centers’ partners offer competitive costs and help save more than 50% of expenses for medical tourists from the Middle East and Gulf countries.

Safe Treatments

All medical centers are accredited by the Joint Commission International Certificate (JCI), which confirms that the hospitals meet the strictest criteria of highest quality healthcare services.

Medical Vacation

Several years ago, people shifted their interests to seek for an opportunity that combines treatments or wellness procedures with holidays. Therefore, MEDI TOUR’s offerings are the perfect fitment for this type of interest which helps patients improve their health.


MEDI TOUR will make all necessary arrangements for Middle East and Gulf countries’ patients to receive world-class medical procedures, multiple tourist attractions in several countries. We will arrange for initial consultations between patients and the medical centers, schedule procedures and make all travel arrangements. For most cases, an all-inclusive quote will be provided for prospective clients. For the procedure itself, financial arrangements, including necessary deposits, will be finalized before travel itineraries are booked and before the client is admitted to the medical facility.

MEDI TOUR will work directly with its partners in various countries to determine in advance the proper budget related expenses will be covered.


  • Case assessment as per the providers’ requests, then we liaise with the clients and also provide their medical history, tests, etc.
  • We organize conference calls between the patient and doctors.
  • Medical center reviews the medical records of the patient and a detailed quote by the provider for the procedure and to be forwarded to the patient.
  • Visa facility, flight and accommodations arrangement to the patient along with any relevant information about upcoming medical visit.
  • Schedule the procedure, agreement signing to clearly outline our role in the process.
  • Full/partial deposit by the patient
  • MEDI TOUR’s representative will meet the patient when he arrives to the destination and checks into the hotel/medical center.
  • The patient is welcomed by the medical center, initial consultation, evaluation and pre-tests.
  • The patient undergoes the required medical treatment and recovers under observation of the specialized medical center.
  • The patient will be discharged back to the hotel after the completion of his treatment.
  • Follow-up evaluation with doctors
  • We will prepare the patient’s homecoming procedures
  • MEDI TOUR will follow up with the patient his recovery process.

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