Oncology Programs


Within the past few years, the worldwide developments achieved by the Oncology branch are largely due to the great advances that are being obtained in the knowledge of the neoplastic illnesses, from the complex mechanisms of the carcinogenesis, with the advances in the biology and molecular genetic fields and the different therapeutic advances with new drugs and therapeutic strategies.

The medical centers in Lebanon and the International Health Center in Havana, Cuba “La Pradera” holds an experienced service of clinical oncology endowed with the most modern technologies for the precautious diagnosis of the malignant illnesses.

MEDI TOUR has become a pioneer in the attention to patients with monoclonal antibodies through the medical centers and offers specialized immunologic treatments.

Did You Know?

There are four main types of drug therapy for cancer: conventional chemotherapy, targeted or biologic therapies and hormonal therapies.

The development of natural products that offers a better quality of life, opens up among the therapeutic lines that the services provide. The making up of personalized programs for patients without healing therapeutic possibilities, makes of the terminal patient’s care a possibility of attention. The cancer treatment requires at present, the cooperative effort of multiple specialists. We have interrelation with the most prestigious centers in the above-mentioned countries that delivers therapeutic programs in all localizations of the neoplastic illnesses.